The UK’s first National Mentoring Day


There is a day to celebrate or commemorate almost everything. In the UK, for example, we have a national bean day, national potato day and national button day.

It’s easy to be cynical about these creative holidays, but today we have one to truly celebrate: Britain’s first National Mentoring Day, put together by Bircham Dyson Bell and the Rockstar Mentoring Group.

The day existing, however, is perhaps less important than what goes on around it. It will see a summit of mentors coming together to learn and celebrate. As The Entrepreneurs Network’s director writes in his Forbes buy ativan australia column:

“Mentoring is by its nature informal, so would benefit from more coordination, both for disseminating best practice and forming connections between mentor and mentee.

“Despite depictions to the contrary on shows like The Apprentice, starting and running a business involves significantly more cooperation than competition. Many of the best businesses are built on friendships with customers, suppliers, fellow entrepreneurs and mentors. I wish it every success and will raise a glass later to those who are helping guide the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Read the column in full here.