The rise and rise of crowdfunding


Following on from a Power Breakfast with Seedrs co-founder Jeff Lynn earlier this month, our director Philip Salter has addressed the role crowdfunding plays in creating a society where more people feel the benefits of capitalism.

“The UK arguably has the best regulation in the world around crowdfunding. It’s light clear and the Financial Conduct Authority it known for being open and consultative. Lynn himself can be credited with helping create a decent buy ativan online overnight delivery regulation landscape, after making Seedrs the first regulated crowdfunder.

“Of course, investing directly in companies isn’t a one-way bet and there is nearly as much money to be lost as made. But crowdfunding isn’t just, or even predominantly, about trying to make money: it’s about investing in a person or product that you believe in. It’s an act of faith; the ties that bind people together.”

Read Philip’s article in full here.