Philip Salter on Sajid Javid's asking the MAC to review the £30,000 minimum salary threshold

“Savid Javid’s decision to ask the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) to reconsider a £30,000 minimum salary threshold for EU migrants is welcome news for Britain’s ambitious business owners.

A hard cap of £30,000 would stymie Britain’s start-ups, damaging entrepreneurship in the UK. Lower, differentiated thresholds based on location or age would make ending free movement with the EU less harmful for British businesses.

Many start-ups rely on foreign-born workers with specific skills necessary to grow the business. Start-ups often have limited funds so offer employees a lower salary in exchange for equity and the opportunity of being an early employee in a potential scale-up.

Access to the best people for the job helps companies scale, leading to more employment of native workers and better products and services for us all. Everyone's a winner.”