Known Unknowns

Anyone claiming to know how this Brexit debacle will end is lying – even if they're the Prime Minister. On Tuesday, ministers were found in contempt of parliament, which in the past has led to MPs getting suspensions. Before the 20th century it could lead to MPs being held in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster. It's probably the best place for a few of the current lot, and I expect they would enjoy the break from the humiliation. 

All this political uncertainty might be good for the news industry, but the wider economic costs are significant. Using data going back to 1900 and covering 11 major economies, researchers have found that heightened levels of policy uncertainty leads to firms reducing investment and employment. In fact, we have experienced the cost of this uncertainty ever since Cameron decided to have a Referendum.


Now some good news. Sajid Javid has indicated that he would like to review the ban on asylum seekers working in UK. I think there are a strong moral and economic reasons to do this, which is why The Entrepreneurs Network has supported the #LiftTheBan campaign, and why we signed and helped to coordinate a letter in the Financial Times. Javid is a Home Secretary who listens. He also took on board our suggestion to morph the Graduate Entrepreneur Visa into a Start-Up Visa. What next?

Under Pressure
Launching and running a business can be tough. Christina Richardson – founder of social-impact venture 3Sixty and Member of The Entrepreneurs Network – has put together a short survey as part of a study into the pressure and wellbeing of entrepreneurs. Complete the survey here. All data are anonymised.

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