Is successful entrepreneurship genetic?


In his most recent Forbes column, our director Philip Salter writes on the role of genetics in the likelihood and success of entrepreneurship.

Speaking to Nicos Nicolaou, Professor and the GE Capital Chair of Mid-Market Economics at Warwick Business School and a world-leading expert on this subject, we learn first that:

“The heritability estimates for entrepreneurship are around 30-35 per cent. This actually means that environmental factors are actually much more important than genetic factors in recognising entrepreneurial opportunities and starting new businesses.”

And on the subject of whether buy ativan online australia entrepreneurial success is determined by genetics, Nicolaou tells us:

“Entrepreneurial success is not determined by genetics. It is crucial to emphasise that a genetic predisposition to entrepreneurship should definitely, unequivocally, not be confounded with genetic determinism. While genes may influence the likelihood of engaging in entrepreneurship, we are merely talking about likelihoods, and nothing more. Genes do not determine entrepreneurship.”

Read the article in full here.